Money is almost a taboo subject but nothing happens without funding. There are significant costs to running a parish - everything from wages to repairs and energy bills to publicity.

We rely on regular financial support and we are so grateful to those who give regularly to support our work. Some people follow the Biblical idea of tithing, giving a tenth of their income. But, however much you decide to give, we encourage you to consider this prayerfully.

If you pay income tax the value of your gift can be enhanced by Gift Aid. All you need to provide is your name and address, and the church can claim back the tax you have paid on the donation. This amounts to an extra 25p for every pound you give.

If you visited us for a special occasion and didn't get the chance to make a donation at the time, it's not too late! Or if you would like to support our work with a one-off donation you can do that too.

To make a donation online now just click the MyDonate button above. This will open the parish's MyDonate donation page - then just click the red MyDonate button and follow the instructions. Thank you.

You can also make regular donations direct from your bank account by standing order, or by cash or cheque using our weekly envelope scheme. Download a Standing Order and Gift Aid form here. Once you've completed the relevant part(s) please email the Gift Aid half to John Woodcock or post it to him at 4 Crookham Way, Cramlington, NE23 6HR. Send the Standing Order half directly to your bank. 


If you'd like to enrol in the weekly envelope scheme, please contact John Woodcock.

If you would like to explore this in more detail please speak in confidence to one of the clergy team or your church treasurer.

Cramlington Parish Treasurer - John Brierley

St. Nicholas' Church Treasurer - John Woodcock

St. Peter's Church Treasurer - Marion Maxwell

St. Andrew's Church Treasurer - Ruth Brierley