Life Groups

Life Groups typically meet regularly (usually weekly) and are usually centred around grouping together people with common interests or circumstances. For example, that could be a life group for people who love cooking or a group for parents. By doing this we feel that people are able to help each other through things that they may have recently experienced or are experiencing together, all whilst exploring where God fits into it all.

We believe that the best way to explore faith is together. Our life groups are all about people supporting each other through their daily lives whilst growing together as disciples of Jesus.

What are life groups?

This varies a lot depending on the group and likely changes each week. But some weeks this might mean doing a bible study together, worshipping together or spending time in prayer, other weeks this might be socialising such as having a beach fire, going for lunch or taking part in the local pub quiz (we seriously need help here!). Ultimately life groups are run by everybody involved so really you can do whatever you want to do!

What happens at life groups?

We currently have a handful of life groups running but are planning to introduce more. Further details coming soon!

How do I join?