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Come and serve with us!

We believe in Before people become Christians , they often do things that Christians do, such as voluntary work. Christians do not have a monopoly when it comes to doing good. Rather we believe, in contrast to others, that because of Jesus, the good we do counts....... forever. So, come and do good with us, find the best reason for doing it and perhaps meet the one who is GOOD!

Volunteering Opportunities

Bank Volunteer - At the Hope Centre we run a foodbank (governed by Trussel Trust) which serves the Cramlington area. We are always in need of volunteers to continue to help us serve our community. Contact Joyce or call 01670 737808 for more details.

Musicians - Are you called by God to lead worship? We are always looking for musicians and vocalists to join our worship teams. Our worship teams cover a few different styles of worship and lead our congregation during Sunday services. We are currently especially looking for lead vocalists comfortable with contemporary worship music. Contact for more details.

Social Media Team - Our social media team are looking for volunteers to help run our Facebook and Instagram pages. If you think you may be good at creating engaging posts and eye-catching graphics then please get in touch with Aidan. (Some basic advice on creating graphics can be provided).

Safer Recruitment

In order to keep those we serve and our volunteers safe we follow a Safer Recruitment policy.

The policy consists of completing a volunteer application form, signing a confidentiality agreement, applying for a DBS and completing basic online safeguarding training. Leaders of the groups you volunteer with should cover this information with you once you have registered interest.

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