Money often feels like a taboo subject in church but unfortunately churches cannot run without it. There are significant costs to running a parish which cover things such as heating and lighting our buildings, supporting our community and contributing to our Diocese.

Here's a useful YouTube video by Rev'd James Harvey (of St. Michael's, Felton and Newcastle Diocese) all about church giving.

We see giving as another form of worship. We do it to glorify God by giving him our best offerings, much the way we do whilst singing in church of living every day as disciples. Some people follow the biblical example of giving 10% of their wage to church but however you decide to give, we ask that you spend some time in prayer considering this.

If you pay tax, the value of your gift can be boosted by Gift-Aid. The best way to engage in giving back to the church is to sign up to the Parish Giving Scheme. This is a national incentive paid for by the Church of England which takes some of the burden off our treasurers and makes it easier to give. For more details, please email our Parish Treasurer, John Brierley.

You can also make donations by standing order, cash or cheque.  We even have a card terminal in the church building. You can download a standing order and Gift-Aid form here. However, we'd strongly recommend the Parish Giving Scheme as the easiest and most sustainable way of giving.

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