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Money often feels like a taboo subject in church but unfortunately churches cannot run without it. There are significant costs to running a parish which cover things such as heating and lighting our buildings, supporting our community and contributing to our Diocese.

We see giving as another form of worship. We do it to glorify God by giving him our best offerings, much the way we do whilst singing in church of living every day as disciples. However you decide to give, we ask that you spend some time in prayer considering this.

If you are making a donation for a specific purpose (for example, the Foodbank), please email John Brierley (our Treasurer) so that we can ringfence it for that purpose. Thanks!

You can donate to the church via cheque or bank transfer. Please make cheques payable to St. Nicholas' Church Cramlington and our bank details are as follows:

Bank: Charities' Aid Foundation (CAF) Bank Ltd, 25 Kings Hill Avenue, Kings Hill, West Malling, Kent, ME19 4JQ

Account Name: The PCC of the Ecclesiastical Parish of St Nicholas Cramlington

Account Number: 00032840

Sort Code: 40-52-40

Notes: Because CAF is not a major high-street bank, you may receive a warning that your bank cannot confirm our details. Please be assured that this account is genuine and please check the details carefully before submitting.

Give Directly

Give Regularly

If you wish to make a donation regularly, we'd recommend setting up a standing order through your bank or joining the Parish Giving Scheme. For more information please contact John Woodcock or the Parish Treasurer, John Brierley.

The Parish Giving Scheme is a national incentive paid for by the Church of England which takes some of the burden off parish treasurers and makes it easier for you to control your giving. We'd strongly recommend this as the easiest way of giving.

Parish Giving Scheme

PGS is a Church of England scheme which many members of our congregation already use. All you need to do is phone PGS on 0333 002 1271 (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm). When you call you will need the following:

  • Your personal bank details

  • The name of the parish (Cramlington St Nicholas Parish)

  • The PGS code for the parish (250625011)

PGS will ask how much you wish to give and how often. They offer to increase your donation each year in line with inflation but you are free to opt out if you prefer. (If you opt-in PGS will notify you beforehand where you can change your mind at any point!).

PGS will also ask if you pay income tax. If so they will reclaim the Gift Aid for us!

The Parish Giving Scheme does not cost you anything. 

Standing Order

If you prefer to make a regular donation directly to our bank account, you could set up a Standing Order directly to us. Many banks allow you to set up a Standing Order via the telephone, online or through your banking app. You can find all the details and the form you need here.

Blue Envelopes

Unfortunately, we no longer operate the "Blue Envelope" scheme as the number of people using the scheme has steadily declined and the scheme has become too expensive to operate.

If you give money to a charity, such as the church, we can claim back the tax you have already paid on what you give us. It doesn't cost you anything, but it means that every £4 you give, we can claim back an extra £1 - meaning that £4 you gave is worth £5 to us.

If you pay UK Income Tax, please sign a Gift Aid Form so that we can claim it. You can actually back-date a form to include any donations made in the last 4 years - so long as we can identify them. You can download a Gift Aid Form here.

Gift Aid

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